Legislative action

Congress has now passed four legislative packages to address the negative effects of the coronavirus. Details about provisions secured within each package are available throughout my website, and one-pagers on each bill are linked below. A fourth legislative package is expected, soon. 

Coronavirus Preparedness And Response Supplemental Appropriations Act (H.R.6074):

The Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act was the first effort to address the spread of the coronavirus. The $8.3 billion funding package that appropriated funds to develop and research a vaccine for COVID-19, fund public health programs, assist in procuring necessary resources and supplies, and provide much-needed relief to affected small businesses in the form of low-interested loans.

O'Halleran's wins for AZ-01 in H.R.6074, HERE.

An explainer of the legislation, HERE

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R.6201):

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, the second phase in the congressional response to the spread of the coronavirus appropriated billions in supplemental funding to ensure free testing for COVID-19, extended paid sick leave for families affected, expanded nutrition assistance, and additional protections for first responders and public health workers on the front lines of the crisis.

O'Halleran's wins for AZ-01 in H.R.6201, HERE.

An explainer of the legislation, HERE

More information available on the Department of Labor's website, HERE.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (H.R.748):

The CARES Act is the largest package passed thus far. The bill encompasses $2 trillion in supplemental funding for hospitals and health care facilities, nutrition assistance, unemployment, small business loans, and dedicated tribal funding, and sends direct payments to eligible Americans.

O'Halleran's wins for AZ-01 in H.R.748, HERE.

An explainer of the legislation, HERE

A comprehensive FAQ fact sheet on the CARES Act, HERE

Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act (H.R. 266):

This emergency, interim legislation provides new aid to the American people in the form of funding for hospitals and health care workers, expands testing operations, and establishes a national strategic testing plan, outlining guidance for states. The bill infuses new funding into the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loans, programs under the CARES Act that had already run out of funding.

Additional fact sheets:

Links to fact sheets on each bill, prepared by various House and Senate Committees of jurisdiction can be found, HERE

FAQ document from Financial Services, HERE

O'Halleran Legislative and outreach action:

Follow the links below to learn about the specific actions Rep. O'Halleran has taken to protect and inform Arizona families. 

O’Halleran Urges Oversight of PPE Sent to Navajo Nation May 24

O’Halleran Calls for Investment in Land and Water Conservation Fund May 20

O’Halleran Announces New Coronavirus Response Funding for Arizona Tribes May 20

O’Halleran Joins Bipartisan Group to Introduce SMART Fund in the House of Representatives May 18

O’Halleran Votes in Favor of New Coronavirus Relief Package May 15

CMS Heeds O’Halleran’s Call, Makes Cancer Treatment More Affordable May 14

O’Halleran Calls for Accountability in Legislative Process to Address COVID-19 May 13

O’Halleran Visits Gila River Indian Community Testing Facility May 12

O’Halleran Secures $23.2 Million for AZ-01 Hospitals May 11

O’Halleran, Smith Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Aid Rural Health Clinics During Pandemic May 11

O’Halleran Joins Bipartisan Group to Cosponsor Legislation to Expand PPP Loan Eligibility to Local Chambers of Commerce May 11

O’Halleran Announces Over $3.2 Million in Grant Funding to Expand Coronavirus Testing in AZ-01 May 7

O’Halleran Announces Funding for Tribal Telehealth May 6

O’Halleran Urges Coordinated, National Testing Strategy May 6

At O’Halleran’s Request, First Wave of Long Overdue CARES Act Funding Reaches AZ Tribes May 5

O’Halleran Outlines Five Asks for Next Coronavirus Package April 30

O’Halleran, Colleagues Call for Immediate Release of CARES Act Funding to Tribes April 29

O’Halleran Expands PPP Loan Eligibility for Tribal Enterprises April 24

O’Halleran Votes in Favor of Interim, Emergency Coronavirus Legislation April 23

O’Halleran Will Vote in Favor of Interim Emergency Coronavirus Legislation April 22

O’Halleran Frustrated with Lack of Funding for State, Local, Tribal Governments in Interim Coronavirus Legislation April 21

O’Halleran, Bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus Release Back to Work Checklist April 20

Rural Communities Left Behind in Coronavirus Response Says O’Halleran April 20

O’Halleran Urges Immediate Action for Paycheck Protection Program, Health Care Facilities, Arizona Families April 16

Questions about unemployment benefits? April 16

O’Halleran Urges Prioritization of Tribal Governments, Not Corporations, in CARES Act Funding Distribution April 15

O’Halleran Calls on USDA Secretary to Support AZ-01 Dairy Farmers April 15

O’Halleran Calls for Increased Availability of Coronavirus Test Kits April 14

O’Halleran Calls on HHS to Quickly Disperse Funding for Rural, Tribal, Medically Underserved Areas April 10

A Coronavirus Resources Toolkit for your family April 9

O’Halleran to Congressional Leadership: Next Stimulus Must be Focused on Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic, Not Partisan Proposals April 3

Reps. O'Halleran and Gallego lead Arizona Delegation in Urging Immediate Relief for Arizona Tribes April 3

Heeding O’Halleran’s Advice, Grand Canyon National Park Closes to Help Slow Spread of Coronavirus April 1

O’Halleran Helps Secure Much-Needed COVID-19 Aid on Navajo March 31

O’Halleran Continues COVID-19 Outreach with Arizona Mayors, VA Leadership March 30

O’Halleran Renews Urgent Call on Federal Government to Prioritize COVID-19 Response on Navajo Nation March 29

O’Halleran Calls on DOI to Close Grand Canyon National Park March 28

O’Halleran Secures Billions in Funding for Arizona Families, Health Care Workers, Veterans, Small Businesses, and Tribes March 27

O’Halleran, Smith Lead Bipartisan Group to Call on Congressional Leadership to Prioritize Seniors’ Health During Coronavirus Crisis March 23

O’Halleran Urges Prioritization of Rural, Tribal Broadband Needs During Coronavirus Changes to Work, School March 23

Stay home and stay safe: an update on COVID-19 from Rep. O'Halleran March 21

Tribal Communities Are Being Overlooked in COVID-19 Response, Says O’Halleran March 20

O’Halleran Calls on Administration to Uphold All Government, All American Approach to Address COVID-19 Crisis March 20

Get the Facts: Families First Coronavirus Response Act March 19

Congressman O’Halleran, Senator Sinema and Arizona’s Congressional Delegation Urge Health Officials to Protect Arizonans’ Health Care March 19

O’Halleran Urges Prioritization of Working Families in New Legislative Package to Address Negative Effects of Coronavirus March 19

Combating the Coronavirus: An Update from Congressman Tom O'Halleran March 19

O’Halleran Urges Indian Health Services to Provide Tribes with Guidance, Resources March 17

O'Halleran Votes for Aggressive Measures to Address Coronavirus Impact  March 14

O'Halleran Announces Updated Office Procedures in Response to Coronavirus Concerns March 14

O'Halleran Sends Letter to VP Pence on Coronavirus Response March 10

O'Halleran Cancels Town Halls Due to Coronavirus Concerns March 10

O'Halleran Votes for House Funding Package to Address Coronavirus Spread March 4

An Update on the Coronavirus March 4