Constituent Success Stories

My staff works with constituents of Arizona's First Congressional District to resolve disputes with federal agencies. Please do not hesitate to reach out to one of my three district offices in Flagstaff, Casa Grande, and Northwest Tucson, visit one of my many mobile offices, or send us an email.
Phyllis, Oracle: Phyllis notified my office that she was unable to communicate with Medicare, her policy was dropped, and she had no Social Security or Medicare. My staff was able to address the issue. Shortly after she reached out to my office for assistance, her Medicare was reinstated, and she is going to receive $18,000 in backpay that she was owed.
Diane: Diane applied for Social Security Disability Insurance in 2014 due to a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. She was facing severe hardship and was unable to get the issue resolved and her back pay released. My staff was able to work with her and the Social Security Administration, and she finally received her award. The case was successfully resolved, and she had $79,000 of backpay, dating back to 2014 for her multiple sclerosis claim, released. In addition, she will receive $2,363 a month.
Paula, Oro Valley: Paula had Medicare Part A and signed up for private health care. She was trying to confirm her enrollment in Part B, but she was unable to get information from her local office. She was referred to my office by her attorney, and my staff was able to confirm that she was enrolled in Medicare Part B.
William, Show Low: William, an Arizona veteran, visited the weekly mobile office held at the Show Low VFW to receive assistance with his VA treatment. His primary care physician put in three different referrals for care, but almost a year later none of the referrals had come through. There was some delay in addressing all of his concerns, but my staff was finally able to get all of his concerns addressed. William was very happy with the help from my staff, and during last a recent VA Town Hall in Show Low, he stood up to make comments regarding his experience with my office and the success in receiving his care.
Jason, Pinetop-Lakeside: Jason called my office for help in getting his VA pension reestablished. The problem was that Jason did not update his address with the VA and his checks were being returned by the Post Office. He called my office frantically when he ran out of money and was facing eviction. My staff contacted the VA Pension Management Center and helped straighten everything out. Jason received a lump sum check for all the past due payment that had been returned and will start to receive his normal monthly checks.
Samuel, Casa Grande: Samuel’s employer came into my Casa Grande office because they had a work visa but the Social Security Administration would not issue a Social Security card. This prevented Samuel from starting his job. They had previously worked with the Social Security Administration for several weeks, but they were unable to resolve the issue. My staff sent a waiver to Social Security and USCIS and within 4 days the card was issued.
Joan, Concho: Joan contacted my office because she had been trying for over 14 months to finalize work on her house with a HUD grant. Joan is 100% disabled and was approved to get a home repair grant to fix heating and plumbing issues. Due to mix-ups and miscommunications, she was unable to regularly talk with her caseworker. My office did the inquiry, sent emails, and made follow-up calls. Within 10 days the contracts were signed, and the work is getting started on her home.
Brian, Show Low: Brian contacted my office for help regarding his VA home loan benefit. Brian experienced a foreclosure in 2000, and when he recently inquired about his current loan status, he was told that he must pay the VA $36,000 to cover the loss on the sale of the home if he wanted to use this benefit again. However, Brian had proof that his home actually sold for more money at auction and the VA did not lose any money. My office sent in an inquiry to the VA. The VA got back to us and stated that no monetary loss, and Brian's home loan benefit was fully restored.
D. A., Flagstaff: D had been waiting several months for his Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD). My office was able to contact the National Benefits Center (NBC) to inquire about the status of his work authorization. Within two weeks of our inquiry, we were notified that his work authorization was being processed and that he would be receiving it very soon in the mail. D has since received his work permit and was recently hired by a software company.
Doug, Camp Verde: Doug is a disabled Veteran who contacted my office to notify us that he was in dire need of toiletries, mouthwash, cat food and other items that he could not obtain with his EBT (food stamps). With the copy of his DD214 that he provided, my office was able to send his information to a non-profit the provides assistance to veterans. The organization provided him with a gift card to pay for those items. Doug received the gift card less than 24 hours after his initial request to my office.
Floyd, Winslow: Floyd called my office and he was unable to get a referral called in to take care of an appointment he needed for cancer of the jaw. Due to the cancer in his jaw, he was having trouble conveying his issue and getting assistance. My staff was able to call and get him an appointment immediately. 
Marcus, Casa Grande: Marcus contacted my office regarding his concerns about his due disability severance pay from the U.S. Army, starting all the way back in 2005 and running through May 2019. Mr. Christiansen was concerned because he had submitted all required documentation but never received any disbursements or word regarding this entitlement. My staff and I worked to ensure that the Army adjudicated and disbursed Mr. Christiansen’s $84,989.44 in disability severance pay and officially concluded the matter in December 2019.
Rueth, FlagstaffIn June of 2019, the VA board ruled that Rueth, a military widow living in Flagstaff, was to be granted over $74,000 in benefits as a result of her husband’s service-related death. Rueth contacted my office in November, having heard nothing from the VA for months. We sent an official inquiry on her behalf, and she finally received her backpay on December 17, 2019.