O’Halleran Blasts Supreme Court Decision to Delay Review of ACA Lawsuit

January 22, 2020
Contributed Columns

VILLAGE OF OAK CREEK—Today, following news that the Supreme Court would not expedite review of last month’s 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to strike down many key aspects of the Affordable Care Act, including provisions protecting people with pre-existing conditions, Congressman Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01) released the following statement:

“The continued attacks on the ACA by this administration—hiding behind federal judges—have left many hardworking families wondering if the care they had previously been promised would be stripped. No family in America is completely free from pre-existing conditions. We cannot play politics with the health care of millions of Americans, nor can we sit idly by while Arizonans live in fear of their next doctor’s visit. This politically-motivated delay is an unacceptable attack on American health care.”

According to an October 2019 Kaiser Family Foundation report, 1.1. million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions would be ‘uninsurable’ if the ACA were repealed.