O’Halleran, Bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus Release Back to Work Checklist

April 20, 2020
Press Release

VILLAGE OF OAK CREEK—Today, Congressman Tom OHalleran (AZ-01), as a member of the House Problem Solvers Caucus—a bipartisan group comprised of 25 Republicans and 25 Democrats—released their Recovery and Back to Work Checklist, a multi-prong, data-driven proposal for reopening America that focuses first on health care needs and then on reigniting the economy safely.


The 50-Member Caucus has found consensus on a bipartisan set of recommendations focused on the key issues of public health, the reopening of our economy, and stimulus plans for our countrys future. The plan serves as guiding principles that the Problem Solvers Caucus would like to see incorporated and addressed in any future package put forth by Congress to address the coronavirus and the disease it causes—COVID-19.


The Problem Solvers Caucus plan involves three main checklists: public health, economic recovery, and long-term economic stimulus planning, with public health being the first and most important. The majority of the protocols laid out by the lawmakers involve operational public health necessities that must be in place before the country is fully reopened.


As we continue to focus on this unfolding public health crisis, we need to begin building a detailed back-to-work plan, with clear benchmarks addressing the multi-faceted approach we need to reopen America safely and with the best chance of reigniting the economy,” the lawmakers wrote.  "We must continue to work together, stay focused on the problem, and put country ahead of ideological opportunism.”


Before we reopen our nation, we must ensure that we are consulting public health experts and all available science. This process includes expanding robust testing and contact tracing, as well as many other public health protocols outlined in our proposal” said O’Halleran. “Once we’ve done that, we need to focus on what relief is needed for our small businesses, state and local governments, and long-overlooked rural and tribal areas.”


Copies of the Recovery and Back to Work Checklist have been delivered to Congressional leadership and the White House as options for immediate consideration in the next phase(s) of the response to the pandemic. 


As we decide what longer-term investments are needed to support our nation and help prepare for potential resurgences of COVID-19, I will continue to listen to health care providers and organizations, businesses, government entities, and families in my district to learn what is and is not working,” continued OHalleran. The American people are counting on us to ensure a safe and healthy environment in which their families can live and work. We must deliver for them.”


The full proposal can be found, HERE.