O’Halleran Calls for Use of 25th Amendment to Remove Trump from Office

January 8, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Following violence and insurrection at the United States Capitol this week during Congress’ certification of the 2020 Electoral College results, Congressman Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01) spoke on the House Floor in support of Arizona’s free and fair election process, affirming the state’s results. Today, he released the following statement:

“Wednesday was a dark day in American history. I wholeheartedly condemn the violent acts that took place at the U.S. Capitol. Over the course of these last few months, Donald Trump has proven himself unfit for office, and must be immediately removed from power for his role in this national nightmare. I join my colleagues on both sides of the aislein calling on the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment.

“For months, Donald Trump stoked the flames of unrest, calling on his supporters to take action, supporting them as the morning of January 6 began and staying silent for hours as they stormed the U.S. Capitol, raising a confederate flag in the building for the first time in American history. What the President has done has already weakened us; he remains a threat to our national security as long as he is in office.

“Donald Trump’s acts as president are unprecedented and unacceptable in our democracy. Even before Election Day, he repeatedly told supporters that if he lost, it would be due to fraud. After the election, he refused to admit defeat, even after courts denied over sixty lawsuits attempting to change the outcome. Starting in mid-December, he called his supporters to our capital city for January 6, promising a 'wild' time.  He continued to undermine trust in our free and fair election, repeating that the election was being stolen, inciting insurrection by domestic terrorists who scaled walls and strode armed through our Capitol, threatening people’s lives and desecrating the building that represents our very democracy.

“While under security lockdown, Congress resolved to reconvene as soon as possible and finish the certification of the election results. We could not, and did not, let these insurrectionists stop us from serving the American people and fulfilling our constitutional duty to confirm and acknowledge the certificates from the electors from each state.

“As of now, five people have died as a result of this violent insurrection, including a Capitol Police officer. Our democracy has been damaged and faith in our election processes undermined again and again. Donald Trump is unfit to be president.

“I call on the Cabinet to promptly convene and use the 25th Amendment to formally remove him from office.

“The general consensus from sources in and out of the White House is that the president has effectively abdicated his position as Commander in Chief to focus on baseless claims of a stolen election. Even for the next two weeks, America cannot depend on someone who places his own desires over the needs of an entire country.    

“American citizens are dying by the thousands while our president holds super-spreader events attempting to mislead his supporters into believing he won an election that he lost. Donald Trump has ignored his responsibility to lead our nation through this deadly pandemic.

“Moreover, undermining faith in our election process by attempting to mislead the American public only serves to weaken us and make us vulnerable to foreign actors who would do us harm. For the good of our country, it must stop.

“Congress needs to focus on getting this pandemic under control and passing relief for struggling Americans. Arizona families are hurting, our hospitals and health care systems are overextended, seniors are still waiting to receive their vaccines, and children remain out of classrooms. I intend to focus on them.”

Following violence that had not been seen in the Capitol building since the War of 1812, both the House and Senate reconvened and voted to certify the winner of the 2020 presidential election as Joe Biden, finishing around 3:30 Thursday morning.

WATCH O’Halleran speak on the House Floor in support of Arizona’s certified election results, HERE.