O’Halleran: Increasing Entrance Fees at Grand Canyon Hurts Economy, Jobs

October 26, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Tom O’Halleran released this statement following news that the National Park Service is considering an increase in entrance fees at 17 national parks, including the Grand Canyon in Arizona’s First Congressional District:

“Our public lands are the lifeblood of countless communities in the First District. Nearly tripling the cost of entry to our beautiful national parks will not only discourage Americans from visiting and learning about our nation’s history, it will devastate our small businesses that rely on the tourism generated by the Grand Canyon. This misguided proposal will hurt Arizona’s economy. The Interior Department must work with Congress to find real funding solutions that invest in our national parks and monuments and preserve them for future generations of Americans.”

Earlier this week, the National Park Service proposed a peak season entrance fee at the Grand Canyon, and 16 other parks, increasing the entrance fee to $70 per vehicle, up from $30 for a weekly pass. Last year, nearly 6 million people visited the Grand Canyon.

Congressman O’Halleran also announced that he would lead a letter to the Interior Department urging them to reconsider this price increase.