O’Halleran Votes to Pass H.R. 1, Get Dark Money Out of Politics

March 4, 2021
Press Release
Final legislation includes three O’Halleran amendments

WASHINGTON – Last night, Congressman Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01) voted to pass H.R. 1, a package of major election reforms that strengthen our democracy, get dark money out of politics, and close ethics loopholes. The final legislation includes three of O’Halleran’s amendments to protect taxpayer dollars and hold lawmakers accountable to their constituents.

“I was proud to vote to pass this important package of bills that strengthen our democracy, ensure the security of our elections, get dark money out of politics, and protect important voting infrastructure like vote by mail, used by Arizonans for decades,” said O’Halleran following the House vote. “This legislation takes critical steps toward ensuring the transparency Americans deserve from their elected officials. I am proud that initiatives I championed to ensure accountability and oversight and prevent tax dollar waste are included in this legislation.”

H.R. 1

  • expands automatic voter registration and same day registration;
  • strengthens vote by mail, a trusted process used for decades in Arizona;
  • protects elections from foreign interference;
  • addresses partisan gerrymandering;
  • promotes digital ad transparency;
  • forces candidates and campaigns to disclose dark money;
  • reins in lobbyist influence; and
  • enforces ethics and conflict of interest rules for all government officials.

The comprehensive bill also includes initiatives introduced by O’Halleran in a package of ethics bills during the 116thCongress:

  • the Taxpayers DIME Act, legislation that ensures no taxpayer money is spent on government air travel that violates rules applied to senior federal officials, increases transparency and oversight for government travel, and instructs the independent Office of Government Ethics to report on ways to strengthen existing rules;
  • the Protecting Defense Dollars Act, legislation which directs Department of Defense (DOD) to provide Congress quarterly reports that detail the direct and indirect costs to the Department in support of presidential travel, including any costs incurred for travel to properties owned or operated by the president or his or her immediate family; and
  • an amendment requiring the DOD to report to Congress on the direct and indirect costs of supporting air travel on military aircraft for senior Executive Branch officials, including whether any spousal travel provided was reimbursed to the government.