O'Halleran Calls for Greater Focus on Impact of Climate Change

November 27, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, following the holiday weekend release of a climate report, Congressman Tom O’Halleran urged the Administration to take a more serious role in addressing the causes and consequences of climate change on our nation.

“Throughout the West, and across the country, communities are facing the effects of climate change every day. From larger, deadlier forest fires to crippling droughts, it is something that can no longer be brushed under the rug. The Administration’s decision to release this report on Black Friday when no one would be paying attention is an irresponsible move that undermines our ability to properly address the issue. We need to take a serious look at the impact of climate change.”

The report, compiled by the National Climate Assessment, found that among other concerning facts, the United States is 1.8 degrees warmer than a century before and ocean levels are nine inches higher. Additionally, the report details the effect of climate change on Phoenix. Whereas the city previously has seen fewer than 100 days per year over 100 degrees, by the end of the century, that number could increase to between 120 and 150 days.

“If we want to secure a prosperous future for future generations of Americans, we need to act. This will impact everything from crop yields to the safety of Americans living in high-risk areas near the ocean, or those living right in Arizona who face the threat of wildfires every year. This is not a partisan issue; it is something that Congress and the Administration should come together to address before it is too late."