O'Halleran: Washington is Failing Military, DREAMers

January 17, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, as the government nears a shutdown, Congressman Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01) called on leaders of both parties to put aside partisan bickering and show real leadership for the American people.

“Congress’ job is to fund the government, but passing one short-term continuing resolution after another is neither good policy-making nor the proper way to govern. Maintaining our national defense and funding our military cannot be done one month at a time. As yet another funding crisis is upon us, it is clear that leaders in Washington have failed the millions of Americans whose lives rely on the actions of their representatives.

“I have supported previous continuing resolutions to give the White House and Congressional leadership time to negotiate long-term funding for the military, a permanent fix for DREAMers, and funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program and community health centers. Unfortunately, a solution to these critical problems still appears far off.

"I urge Congressional leaders from both parties to stop playing political games with the future of our country. If significant progress is not made quickly on defense funding, stability for DREAMers, and a long-term extension of children's health coverage, then I will not continue to support kicking the can down the road with additional continuing resolutions. We must get to a point where we can work in good faith on bipartisan solutions to the challenges our nation faces."

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