Over $30 Million Headed to AZ01 Community Health Centers Under American Rescue Plan, Says O’Halleran

March 31, 2021
Press Release

TUBA CITY – Today, Congressman Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01) announced that over $30 million in Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) grants secured under the American Rescue Plan had been awarded to community health centers across Arizona’s First Congressional District.

“Community health centers in Arizona have been pushed to a breaking point again and again as they work to provide essential, life-saving care to thousands of Arizonans during this public health crisis,” said O’Halleran. “I am pleased to see funding I worked to secure under our American Rescue Plan headed to the First District to assist the community health center doctors, nurses, and staff working tirelessly on the frontlines of this pandemic to keep families in rural and underserved communities safe and healthy.”

Funding breakdown:

Marana Health Center, Inc.                            $10,109,375

North Country Health Care, Inc.                     $9,671,500

Canyonlands Community Health Care            $3,981,625

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp.             $1,293,625

Sun Life Family Health Center, Inc.                 $7,658,375

Total: $32,714,500

Grant funding was awarded as part of the $7.6 billion O’Halleran fought to secure in the House Energy and Commerce Committee for community health centers under the American Rescue Plan Act.